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Apr 17, 2023

· One min read
Grégoire Mielle

What's new

Figma plugin for designers Figma plugin

Designers can now connect a project to their Figma files using our Figma plugin.

This plugin allows you to push to and sync content from Recontent. Designers can still import content from a simple Figma file URL too.

In the future, we'll improve this plugin to do even more things within Figma without leaving your file.

More file formats for import/export: Excel, CSV

Phrases & translations can now be exported from the app to static file formats like JSON, YAML, CSV or Excel.

Recontent now also supports importing content from CSV & Excel files. This way, you can export phrases to an Excel file, give it to external stakeholders & re-import it into Recontent.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved batch import from Figma link
  • Allow updating phrase keys