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For Managers

Take control of thecontent & localization process

Product copy is a moving concern that impacts all steps of your delivery phase: from discovery, design to implementation & beyond. Streamline it using Recontent.

Speed matters: deliver content faster

Recontent is a collaborative workspace for your product team. From a single place, release your app in new languages in record time and ship new features with product copy updates as fast as you need.

Machine translations for your product copy with AI
All onboard

Make contentan effective team effort

Product copy is a shared concern, especially in small to medium teams. Recontent has all the tools you need to ensure everyone makes it part in time.

  • Create projects

    Group translations by feature, scope or project

  • Auto translation with AI

    Bootstrap new languages quicker without in-house translators

  • Use magic links & exports

    Work with outside collaborators without spreadsheets through emails

  • Comment, review & assign tasks

    Set clear targets, track progress & resolve issues and concerns quicker

  • Use revisions to ship only when ready

    Do not impact live users until your feature has been reviewed & approved for launch

From A to Z

Have a single source of truthfor Product copy

Product copy is stored in different formats across the product lifecycle: from Figma to static JSON files through Google Sheets. Questions like “Where is the latest copy for that screen?” should not exist anymore.

Recontent provides a single source of truth that integrates with all team members’s tools: from project definition to production.

Import translations from static files like JSON & YAML