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Jan 24, 2023

· 2 min read
Grégoire Mielle

This new release brings essential features to to better collaborate & increase your productivity in the content lifecycle.

What's new

Autotranslation with AI

When a phrase is translated in at least one language, it's now possible to let artificial intelligence translate it in others. This feature is available in the "Update phrase" modal. Pricing is based on usage with credits included in the Pro plan subscription.

Tagging for phrases

Adding tags to phrases in

Tags can now be associated to phrases, inline or when imported from a file or Figma. Tags are a flexible tool to create processes like Source:Figma, French:To review, French:Done.

In the future, it will possible to filter phrases by tags in destinations or in the API.

Magic links allow you to expose tasks outside your workspace. This way, freelancers or contractors can translate or review content for you with a simple link without accessing your entire workspace.

Magic links works a specific task only & expire after 7 days.

Cmd+k action bar

Quickly navigate through action bar in

To increase your productivity within Recontent, an action bar is now available in the sidebar or by pressing Cmd+k. It changes based on the page you're on to recommend useful actions.

GitHub Actions

The Recontent CLI is now available in the GitHub Actions marketplace. You can now build custom integrations in your continuous deployment (CD) pipeline for your localized content.

For example, you can pull the latest translations of your app while building & deploying it.

Check out the CLI documentation to understand how to use it.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Filters on phrases table are now saved in URL for better sharing
  • Object prefix for destinations now works with/without trailing slash
  • Option added in destinations to always get translations, even when empty
  • Email invitations can be resent when expired