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For Developers

Free from pull requests to fix typos,release content as often as code

Using allows product teams to improve product copy as often as needed without having developers bearing the burden of manually updating it.

A collaborative workspace
for Product teams

Launch your product in new languages & release content faster. Recontent helps you iterate on content while ensuring Production stability with revisions, destinations & more.

Machine translations for your product copy with AI
Getting started

Integrate once,deliver content often

We make the process of integrating with your tech stack as simple as possible to keep that short release cycle, code & content hand in hand.

  • Import your content

    From static files to Figma, populate your Recontent workspace to start collaborating on product copy

  • Choose a destination or build a custom integration

    Using our built-in CDN or integrations: we push your content where you need it. Using our REST API or CLI, you can always pull it in a CI pipeline or other.

  • You’re all set

    Your product team can now safely make updates & have them synced with your integrations. Using revisions, changes can be integrated when ready like git branches.

Developer experience

All the tools you would expectfrom a localization platform

Whether you are a team of one or one hundred, we provide the necessary tools and documentation to make it work.

  • Command-line interface

    Pull content in GitHub Actions workflows or locally


    Build custom integrations with resources like languages, projects or phrases

  • Built-in CDN

    Distribute content globally from our AWS Cloudfront-powered CDN

  • Autotranslation with AI

    Start supporting new languages quicker with AI

Supported formats

Import & exportusing multiple file formats

Import or export content from multiple tech stacks relying on different file formats like JSON or YAML to deploy new web or mobile applications quicker.

Import translations from static files like JSON & YAML