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For Designers

Content where it belongs,in the hands of the product team

Updating content in your product should be as easy in production as it is during the design phase. Use a collaborative workspace to create, translate, review & publish product copy.

A collaborative workspace
for Product teams

Launch your product in new languages & release content faster. Recontent helps you iterate on your designs while the rest of the team can help you on Product copy efficiently.

Machine translations for your product copy with AI
Getting started

Sync content like you sync Figma components,in seconds

Using our Figma plugin, let product managers & the rest of the team collaborate on content without messing with your designs.

  • Link your file to a Recontent project

    Choose your file’s language & start pushing all existing texts to Recontent

  • Create phrases or attach existing ones to texts

    Create as many pieces of copy as needed and reuse ones shared across screens

  • Push & pull updates from & to Recontent

    Sync product copy as often as needed based on your workflow

From A to Z

Have a single source of truthfor Product copy

Product copy is stored in different formats across the product lifecycle: from Figma to static JSON files through Google Sheets. Questions like “Where is the latest copy for that screen?” should not exist anymore.

Recontent provides a single source of truth that integrates with all team members’s tools: from project definition to production.

Import translations from static files like JSON & YAML