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Beta release available

Product copy & localization
for product teams

Ship content updates in your web app or mobile app without asking developers. No more hardcoded keys, outdated text or misleading translations.

Free trial – No credit card required web app
Work together

From design to production,keep your content in sync

Recontent is a collaborative workspace for content: shorten time to deliver copy to your users & new markets while ensuring consistency & quality.

  • Collect

    Recontent can sync content from & to Figma, import from static files, building a single source of truth for your product copy.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate on translations, assign teammates for review & release only when ready.

  • Distribute

    Deliver content to your users through built-in CDN, export to static files or build any custom delivery pipeline through our API.

Move fast, don't break things

A localization processthat adapts to your needs

The last thing you want is users confused by incoherent copy or misleading translations. With Recontent, create localised experiences quickly, use tasks to review copy, merge only when ready & review a whole product copy to maintain a good experience.

  • Tasks & notifications

    Assign people for reviews, discuss translation updates & track progress

  • Autotranslation with AI

    Launch your product in new languages quickly by letting AI do most of the work for you

  • Tags

    Create custom workflows for reviews, releases and more

  • Revisions

    Make changes without impacting others until you're ready to merge them

  • File formats

    Import & export translations from spreadsheets to YAML, JSON & more

  • Magic links

    Share secure links to outside collaborators to participate without an account

For your team

everyone on board.

  • For Designers

    • Push & pull content with Figma plugin

    • Update copy without asking developers

    • Collaborate with others on translations at design phase

  • For Developers

    • Restful API to integrate with any stack

    • CLI & GitHub Actions

    • Built-in CDN for live translations

    • S3 & GCP Storage integrations

    • Webhooks

      Next up
  • For Product managers & UX writers

    • Be in control of the localization process

    • Collaborate with outside stakeholders with magic links

    • Use tasks, mentions & tags to organization collaboration

    • Reminders, stats on tasks & projects

      Next up
Grow with you

Stop paying a per-seat pricing for inactive users or sharing a single account for the whole company.

Recontent comes with a fixed subscription + usage-based pricing. You only pay for the value you get out of the product & can quickly integrate with other solutions (in and out).

Pro plan

For innovative teams focused on productivity.

No credit card required14 days free trial
$49per month
  • Unlimited phrases & translations
  • Revisions & Tags
  • Built-in CDN
  • Collaborate with tasks, notifications
  • API & CLI
  • Import with Figma link
  • AWS S3 & GCP Storage integrations
  • Autotranslation with AI